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Eureka International Advisors is a full service investment brokerage firm

To serve our sophisticated clients, Eureka synergy is fueled by veteran traders, teamed with some of the most experienced brokers in the industry.
Equity Department:
Eureka is a market maker in a number of securities, most of which are our investment banking clients. Our Trading Department has immediate access to all major exchanges and its primary objective is to execute customer orders at the best price in the most timely fashion.

Fixed Income Department:

With its advanced computer and communications network, our Fixed Income Department offers a complete range of municipal, corporate, government and agency bonds, as well as a wide selection of nationally-known unit trusts. In addition our Bond Department offers certificates of deposit.

Who are Eureka?

Eureka is a globally recognised provider of independent financial services. We are represented in multiple countries worldwide. Specialisation in the Offshore Investment Industry has meant that over the years we have built a client base of many different nationalities from around the world.
We represent the major investment institutions and fund management groups throughout the offshore international market.
We at Eurkea are proud of our exemplary record of customer satisfaction. We have achieved this through hard work, service and commitment to our clients. By maintaining a strict code of conduct, Eureka always ensures a high level of professionalism.
Eureka's investment in the latest Information Technology systems, together with constant communication with our clients, enables us to react to market changes quickly and efficiently.

Why independent advice?

At Eureka we believe that independent financial advice is essential. Eureka is not owned or funded by any of the financial institutions that we represent, therefore, our clients receive impartial advice based on what they need, rather than what a parent company could provide.
As life progresses we all have important decisions to make about financial planning.
"How will I be able to afford to send my children to university?"
"How much will I need when I retire?"
"Will my company's pension scheme provide me with enough income when I retire?"
"What is the alternative to leaving my money in the bank?"
These decisions are too important to be left to a company that can only offer investment vehicles from their own limited product range. Eureka is able to offer the best independent advice, and guide you through a selection of plans and products to suit your individual needs.

Why a specialist?

Eureka offer ALL services associated with offshore management of money. Therefore, as a client, you will receive the best independent advice on tax efficient investment plans. There are countless financial services providers operating globally. They compete by offering a multitude of investment products by direct mail, national press, TV and more recently the Internet; attracting investors with discounts etc. Such offers can only be made by excluding the provision of a service.
Unfortunately, millions of dollars are invested as the result of an effective marketing campaign, rather than being based on the suitability of a product and the best interest of the investor. Another problem often encountered is incomplete advice. Many professionals are excellent in their chosen field as banker, accountant or onshore financial adviser, but offshore financial advising requires the knowledge and expertise of a specialist.

Why invest offshore?

The offshore centres that we mainly use are the highly regulated jurisdictions of Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man. The reason for this is as follows:

A) Taxation: All investments grow virtually tax free. Unlike onshore investments, the offshore investment institution will not have to pay Capital Gains Tax, Income Tax or Corporation Tax on your investment funds.

B) Confidentiality: The offshore centers have legislative confidentiality in place. This restricts the divulgence of information to any third party authority or individual. This is not just a code of ethics; it is the law.

C) Investor protection: The Investor Protection Acts enforced in these three centres are second to none, as they guarantee up to 90% of your accumulated investment. The possibility that you will need the protection is remote, as all the companies that we deal with are internationally recognized institutions. However, it's comforting to know that the law is in place to protect you.

Individual needs analysis

Eureka offers you financial planning that is individually tailored for you and your family's needs and aspirations. The International investor has to consider possible financial shortfalls during their career. By careful planning we can minimize any unpleasant financial surprises.
At different stages in life, we all have changing financial plans and goals, for example, capital growth, educating our children, retirement income, estate planning, offshore trusts or inheritance tax.
These are not "one off decisions made at a specific time in life, but a continual process involving you and us meeting face to face, on a regular basis.
A full range of investment funds are available to our clients, from bank deposits, through guaranteed profits, fixed interest and gilts, managed international growth and regionalized equity market funds in the U.K, USA, Far East, Pacific, Latin America and Europe. Eureka can also offer our clients a whole host of other diversified and specialized offshore opportunities.
Eureka is determined to offer a lifetime of service to our clients and give peace of mind in your future financial planning.

Charges or commission?

Eureka DOES NOT charge our clients for any of our consultancy services.
Eureka's philosophy is that our reward should be linked to the outcome of our advice. We believe in the advice that we give and are willing to base our future on it. If our clients do not accept our advice, then we do not receive anything.
Our income is paid directly by the institutions with whom we place your business. Should we see you many times over the years, and you never become a client, we will never send you a bill. This ensures that the advice we give, is realistic & acceptable to you.
Our service provides our clients with the ability to constantly update their requirements without the worry of fees being charged. You are kept fully informed about your investments, and we are confident that introductions to your friends and colleagues will follow. The result is a good partnership that ensures a secure financial future for all parties

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